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Hello, my name is Aadarshini Vinod Das. I have been doing public speaking since I was in 5th grade. I believe that public speaking is a vital skill that is required throughout one's life. However, for some people, this skill is not easily acquired, which is why I would like to assist those individuals.


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Jul 5, 2022
The secret of the whole grains

Not many people realize how great whole grains are for your body. A lot of people also make...

Jul 4, 2022
Me and my sister

Ever since the day my sister was born I knew she was a Genius. She would find ways to get me in...

Jul 4, 2022
Rainy Days

Rainy Day are very gloomy. That an entire day is a waste. No matter how happy I try to be. I just...

Jul 5, 2020
Recipes you have to try out!

  The Choco Dunkers were very popular at Pizza Hut for a long time. Sadly it was removed. But...